Dalton Marine Skincare & Cosmetics

Flux Skin is an Official Stockist of Dalton Marine Cosmetics. We know that everyone’s skin is different and has unique needs. Dalton Marine strives to develop skincare products that are tailored completely to you – not the other way around! You don’t have to decide between anti-ageing benefits and specialized products that treat your skin concerns or any skin conditions you might have.

During the development of new products, we always make sure that all the products in our range can easily be combined with each other – so you can find your own personal routine for beautiful skin! As an expert brand in the field of marine skincare, we rely on maritime active ingredients and natural raw materials to guarantee that our products are gentle, yet highly effective.









Over 45 years of experience in the field of marine cosmetics

- Natural ingredients from the sea

- Individual skincare concepts for all skin types

- Cruelty-free skincare products, over 35 Vegan products

- Gentle, yet highly effective formulas

- Highest quality made in Germany

- Social and environmental commitment







Know Your Skin

Normal skin:

Ideally, one should have a balance between oil and hydration levels, so that generally the skin is neither greasy nor dry.

Normal skin types will find most products will complement their skin.

Oily skin:

When the skin has excess oils and congested pores, it can give quite a greasy effect. For this skin type, products with little to no oil are best.

Dry Skin:

Conditions associated with dry skin are flakiness, scaly-type skin and itching. It is often an inherited skin condition. We would primarily recommend products that would counter moisture loss to revitalise and rejuvenate the appearance of dull, tired skin.

Combination skin:

Combination skin is very common and means that one has both oily and dry skin simultaneously. In terms of finding products that will help solve skin issues for this skin type, the treatment is tailored to the individual, depending on where patients fit within this range.

Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin is skin that can be prone to itching and irritation when using cosmetics and toiletries.

Skin affectations:

Ageing of the skin can be caused by a degenerative process or environmental factors. As we age, our skin becomes less radiant and firm, and wrinkles can appear. The skin’s laxity and pigmentation can also be affected, contributing to an aged look. Due to UV exposure, hormonal fluctuation and trauma to, the skin can show hyperpigmentation, looking uneven and brown spots may appear when it has excess melanin. The skin can become dehydrated when there is a lack of water. This can cause the skin to itch, pull, and flake and it can also lead to dull-looking skin. The skin can no longer act as a barrier when it is dehydrated, so hydration is key to healthy-looking skin. Sensitivity can occur after certain procedures such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and peels, as well as in perimenopausal or mature skin. It can be associated with dehydrated, traumatised, ageing or delicate areas of the skin. Excess sebum production and inefficient desquamation (skin shedding) can cause imperfections in the skin. The cause of imperfections is not really known, but hormones and stress are usually significant contributing factors.”